Arroboboi Dance & Music Intensive

November, 8 – 20th, 201
Chapada dos Veadeiros
Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil



Thank you for your interest in the intensive, we look forward to dancing together with you on this creative and courageous journey!

“In these times, it is so important for us to deepen our relation to nature, and learn how to sustain ourselves, through community, creativity, song, dance, and communicating and working with the land. Time to harvest and walk forward receiving the Blessings.” Kathi von Koerber



This twelve day intensive features the classes of unique mentors of dance movement, music, art, composition, improvisation and performance, which allows each participant to deepen inspiration, develop a personal artistic practice and honor their relation with nature through exploring the ethnographies that draw strategies from the arts to probe issues of the earth and its healing biotopes.

In the spirit of learning and unlearning old movement patterns, strengthening oneself spiritually, one can examine oneself in somatic practices that emphasize internal sense perception;  understand the class content  as expression of Universal Voices through African Ancestral Memory of Brazil and Cuba.

Between week one and two, we are proposing a Integration day  which includes  a short Talk on the  Introduction to Syntropic Agriculture and Planting, Waterfall Walk and Ceremony with Plant Medicine in Early Evening. Other evenings feature a Dance Film Screening, Art Installation and Gallery Exposition,  Music Circles, possible Performances and sharing.  On November 20th, we have scheduled an evening celebration gathering with Yoruba Records.



Dance and Music classes are open to all interested students, artists and researchers, as well as to challenge those with prior dance training.

For participants who are interested, some time and space may be given for possibilities of mentoring,  for independent projects and possible future art residency on the land. Please apply by sending proposals for evaluation by September 27th,  as there is limited time available from the teachers.



November 8th to 20th, 2017
1st Session: Nov, 08 – 14th
2nd Session: Nov, 14 – 20th



Incantation, Movement and  Ritual for the Waters / Kathi von Koerber (South Africa/Germany)

African Contemporary Dance / Sekou Keita (Mali/Switzerland)

Symbology of the Orixá and Silvestre Technique – African Tradition in  Brazil /  Rosangela Silvestre (Brazil/USA)

Rescuing Mythological Memory – Fusion of traditional and modern Movement/ Paco Gomes (Brazil/USA)

Movements of the Sacred Dances of the Orixás (Brazil) / Rosangela Silvestre (Brazil/USA)

Movements of the Sacred Dances of the Orichas (Cuba) / Kimberly Miguel Mullen (USA/Cuba)

Percussion and Songs of the Orixá / Orichas (Brazilian and Cuban) / Luca Brandoli (Cuba/USA), Alysson Bruno, and Luciano da Silva (Brazil)

Hip Hop and Breaking  /Jonatan Haller Perreira (Slovenia/Brazil)

Visual Art Exploration for Children/ Rodrigo Garcia Dutra  (Brazil/London)

Ciranda and Dance Circles for Children/ Guilherme Maciel, Supriya, Tassila Gayatri  & Jonatan Haller Perreira


For Bio and Class Descriptions Please check link on website , which will be updated by August 10th or facebook event “Arroboboi Dance & Music Intensive.



Arrival: Wednesday November 8th

Departure: November 20th, Departure late afternoon or morning of the 21st

Click the blue link for Proposed Details of Event Schedule subject to slight changes.



Chapada dos Veadeiros – Sítio Prisma D’Água. – Rodovia GO 239, KM 63 In the direction of Alto Paraíso to São Jorge, 17.5 kilometers from Alto Paraíso de Goiás,  Morro da Baleia – Goiás,  Brazil.

Considered one of the most biodiverse biomes of Brazil, Chapada dos Veadeiros is a lengthy stretch of highland savannah in the state of Goiás. Supposedly the brightest spot on Earth as seen by NASA satellites, due to its quartz-rich soil, the Cerrado is considered by UNESCO as an ecological sanctuary located in the center of Brazil. Our site is located at the foot of Morro da Baleia, in between Alto Paraíso and São Jorge. The nearest airport is located in Brasilia 240 Km from Alto Paraíso de Goiás. GPS location can be sent to your whatsapp. Please send whatsapp request to +55 62 99644 8648


See google maps link:,%20Alto%20Para%C3%ADso%20de%20Goi%C3%A1s%20-%20GO,%2073770,%20Brazil&ll=-14.144447,-47.650071&t=m



Tuition for entire workshop:
1st Session + 2nd Session (November 8th to 20th)
Wednesday Morning 8th till Monday evening 20th of November
US$ 1475 before October 14,
US$1600 after this date.
Includes food but not accommodation.
Ceremony available only for these participants.


Tuition for half workshop:

1st Session – Wednesday Morning 8th till Monday evening 14th of November
2nd Session  -Tuesday Morning 14th till  evening 20th of November
US$ 820 before October 14
US$910 after this date.
Includes food but not accommodation.


Tuition Discounts for Classes are available for dance or music researchers residing in Brazil. Please email below with copy of Brazilian Resident Card or ID.|
Take advantage of the early tuition payment discounts if you are interested. If you would like to refer a friend please send us their email instead of forwarding this email to third parties.

We recommend  participants to sign up for a minimum of one session either Nov 8 – 14 or Nov 14 to 20 as the classes build progressively to an informal performance at the end of each session.  Participants coming for single classes may not follow the sequencing as well as those who started from the beginning.



Three vegan-lactose free vegetarian meals will be offered daily at Sitio Prisma D’agua. Weekly rates include all meals. If you have special dietary requests please mention this on the registration form.

Accommodation Costs for entire workshop US$260 (Camping)

At this time, Sítio Prisma D’água can only offer camping accommodation for participants who have their own tents/camping gear.  The camping areas are situated close to the restaurant area. There will be common gas heated showers, bathrooms with some storage space, and self service laundry area.


Extra nights cost US$27 per person per night.
Additional nights for food and camping cost 40 US dollars per day per person.
Priority will be given to participants participating for the entire workshop.
Limited space available.

Recommendations for alternative accommodations are also available but please remember that the land is 17.5 km from Alto Paraíso de Goiás.



WWW.ARROBOBOI.COM   will be published after August 10th, 2017.
Contact and proposals:



Please, register by clicking on the blue link.

After completing the form you will receive an email with your confirmation and payment instructions. Cancellation information and other detailed information will be sent to you about programming, rides from Brasilia to Alto Paraíso, and other reservations. You will also need to fill out a medical form and make a 50% deposit to confirm your participation. We recommend participation in the full intensive for the benefit and growth of all participants.


With love! Até e Axé!

Luiza Brettas and the Arroboboi dance tribe.

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