Brazilian Bahia Retreats

The thought before action..
These retreats are a time to deepen the understanding of health, 
 within all the aspects of life.
It is an opportunity for participants to align their body energetically, 
 to creatively educate oneself in the priorities in 
life and define a health plan in life.
It is a time to remember the sacred aspects of ourselves 
and nature in order  to find out what we need to do 
in practical ways as awakened beings 
 on planet earth.
Here in Brazil it is a space and time to connect with nature, 
ground, rejuvenate, grow and celebrate.
Participants will have the opportunity to look deeper at their life, 
and together consider the prospects of the future and common 
ground for how we envision life on planet earth.  
We will be working with all our senses, and remembering our
origin by nourishing and reigniting our cellular intelligence.